On March 13, 2015 Tropical Cyclone Pam swept her Category 5 force over the islands of Vanuatu. The human cost of lives was remarkably small but the property and infrastructure cost was enormous. In her wake Pam left 90% of Vanuatu’s buildings damaged, communication systems crippled and electricity and water supplies destroyed. The 35,000 people who live on the islands of Tanna, Erromango and Tongoa experienced catastrophic devastation as they saw nearly all of their homes and most community buildings flattened and blown away. NevHouse has conducted preliminary studies in parts of Vanuatu and has tailor made structures to replace the thousands of rural homes and schools that were destroyed by Cyclone Pam. NevHouse is working closely with the Vanuatu Government, the Vanuatu National Provident Fund and International Aid Agencies to re-build Vanuatu quickly, safely and effectively. The houses, schools and clinics must be engineered to withstand Category 5 Cyclone conditions.