Nev is an internationally recognised member of the surfing community, having established two of the best known and most successful surfboard brands in the world: Nev Future Shapes and recently Firewire Surfboards. He turned his attention to the housing industry with a vision to use recyclable materials to build low cost rapidly deployable homes. In 2013 he established a new structure and strategy to commercialise the business. When Nev is not surfing, you'll find him talking to government ministers and community leaders. He has a heart for the people, a global solution and the resolve to make a difference in this world.


Hayden Filer has a diverse 20 years of industry experience and sustained record of achievement in multiple sectors with a broad set of skills developed from a range of strategic, tactical and operational roles. He spent a decade with Red Bull energy drink launching the Australian market in 1999, Japan in 2005 and afterwards Hong Kong where he worked to develop all markets in Asia. He built the NevHouse brand and is connected to government leaders / officials across Commonwealth nations as well as all of Asia Pacific. He is a founding partner of NevHouse and a vocal advocate of businesses that “Do Well by Doing Good”.



Before joining NevHouse Graham Hyman built and operated Australia’s pre-eminent school presentation business and for over 30 years he has informed and inspired millions of adults and teenagers across Australia and overseas. In addition to that Graham has been the Director of a national Youth Work Agency, sat on NGO committees, delivered courses at tertiary institutions, and acted as interim CEO of two national business associations. He is renowned for his insights into both business and relationships. In his current role with NevHouse, Graham oversees the commercial aspects of the operation and has cross functional oversight on marketing, accounting and finance, legal and market development. Graham’s tertiary qualifications are in Theology and he brings to NevHouse a code of ethics, morality and integrity required for any social enterprise such as NevHouse to succeed.



Luke Mathers is a successful businessman and original investor in NevHouse. As an Optometrist, he was an integral part of establishing Specsavers in Australia. He is an author, his book Stress Teflon has got the NevHouse team through some challenging times. Luke has an attitude that gets things done. He started an Optometry aid service in Vanuatu following cyclone Pam and has continued to go there for the past few years. His business experience and ability to see challenges from different angles has been invaluable on the NevHouse board.



Dave is a Chartered Accountant with experience in providing assurance services. He trained at Ernst & Young, where he worked across all areas of the assurance lifecycle from a detailed transactional level to the high-level operational role as manager, which gives him strong knowledge of how businesses function financially at all levels. Dave has been instrumental in developing the financial model for NevHouse and currently works for Deloitte in the UK.