In a recent edition of the Mercedes magazine, Sam Cleveland describes how NevHouse came about. He states that Nev Hyman whose companies Nev Future Shapes and Firewire Surfboards literally changed the way surfboards are made worldwide – is back in the news at the head of a bold new enterprise called Nev House.  The company recycles plastic waste to create durable, affordable flatpack housing, ideal for developing nations or disaster relief (they’re erected or dismantled in five days). To Australian sensibilities, the NevHouse looks like a groovy beach cabin, but to the poor of the developing world, the innovative structures represent dignity, hygiene and protection from the elements. They’re modular too – meaning everything from homes to community halls can be assembled from the same components. “Diverting waste from landfill, off the streets and out of rivers and turning it into houses for the poor is a very compelling story that’s captured imaginations,” says Hyman. Read the full article here.