Wendy Griffin, in a blog titled written for Recycled Nation wrote the following:  we all know that plastic waste is a real problem. As information about things like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, one of the largest collections of mostly plastic marine debris, are reported the magnitude of the situation seems overwhelming. Everyone holds some responsibility: manufacturers of single-use plastics and the consumers of these products. According to Brita, the water filtration company, Americans throw away 35 billion plastic water bottles every year and this is just one example. There are many people doing what they can to combat plastic waste, from reducing their own plastic use like activist Beth Terry to making products out of plastic waste like Terra Cycle. Another truly inspirational individual doing his part to combat this waste is Nev Hyman.

Nev Hyman is an Australian surfboard shaper (note: a surfboard shaper is someone who builds and designs surfboards by hand or, more recently, via a software program on his laptop) who is famous for designing surfboards for world champions and continues to design boards for Firewire, the company he founded, teamriders. He has seen many of the world’s most beautiful surfing venues and, as he began to notice more plastic waste in the oceans, he decided to do something about it. To read the full article click here.