Like many developing nations, rapid urbanisation has seen the growth of slums in and around the major cities. Around 25 million people live in slums or nowhere at all, and the number is growing. While many programs have been implemented by the previous and current governments there remains a chronic undersupply of affordable adequate housing. This is due partly to the moderate success of many of the programs but more commonly to the cost and difficulties in construction of current programs.

Since 2013 NevHouse has worked with the Indonesian government at the highest level, academics, and key business people to develop a solution. Then Governor of Jakarta (now President of Indonesia) Joko Widodo, met with NevHouse in 2013 and remains enthusiastic about turning his nations plastic waste and other recyclables into homes, schools and clinics. The NevHouse solution is poised to provide shelter, and hope, to millions of displaced and destitute Indonesians.