Nev is an internationally recognised member of the surfing community, having established two of the best known and most successful surfboard brands in the world: Nev Future Shapes and recently Firewire Surfboards. He turned his attention to the housing industry in 2009 with a vision to use recyclable materials to build low cost rapidly deployable homes. When Nev is not surfing, you'll find him talking to Prime Ministers, Housing Ministers, Finance Ministers, Education Ministers, Health Ministers, Ministers for Energy, Community Elders, Clan Leaders and the Heads of Pension Fund Institutions. He has a heart for the people, a global solution and the resolve to make a difference in this world. Read More.


Hayden Filer has a diverse 20 years of industry experience and sustained record of achievement across the FMCG and Housing sectors with a broad set of skills developed from a range of strategic, tactical and operational roles. He spent a decade with Red Bull energy drink launching the Australian market in 1999, Japan in 2005 and later held a seat on a committee that developed new brand initiatives for Red Bull internationally. He is a founding partner of NevHouse and a vocal advocate of businesses that take a philanthrocapitalist approach by making profits from delivering solutions that improve the world in which we live. Hayden has built the brand strategy, digital strategy and social media platforms for the company, writes content for all company communications and has been instrumental in conceiving and executing integrated sales and marketing campaigns that build up the brand, profile and revenues of the company. Read More.



Kacey established Queensland Roofworks in 2006. He built the company from the ground up into a team comprising over 70 people, by reputation alone without any advertising. Queensland Roofworks is recognised as one of the largest roofing companies in Queensland and undertakes millions of dollars in contracts annually with top tier construction companies such as Hutchinson Builders, FKG, Adco Construction, Beech Constructions, Dankav Pty Ltd. Kacey brings to Nev House an unblemished track record in entrepreneurship, corporate governance and his seat on the Board of Directors ensures the interests of all internal and external stakeholders especially all shareholders - are protected.