When I think about NevHouse I often think about a story I was told as a young boy. The story is about two people chosen to collect water for their village. You might know it too. The first person grabbed a bucket and went backwards and forwards to the river all day long which was the normal way of doing things. The second person on the other hand built a pipeline from the river to the village, asked others in the village to help which they gladly did and after what seemed like a very long time the pipeline was built and the water flowed with abundance to all.  

Apart from being a nice story, there are parallels to what it is that I'm doing with NevHouse. Like the person who took time to build a water pipeline for the village, I'm building a pipeline to deliver low cost homes made from recycled materials to the world. Keep this in mind as look through the various articles, videos and photos on this website because you’ll see that the pipeline that we have built has been completed and the projects are rolling out and they will keep rolling out for as long as there is a need for low cost shelter – it's a multi-national problem requiring a multi-generational commitment to fix. And fix it we will.

Nev Hyman