Hayden opened the Australian market for Red Bull in 1999 and successfully built the On Premise division from the ground up, driving revenues from $0 in 1999 to $60 million annually by 2005. He was appointed to open the Japan market for Red Bull,  selecting advertising agencies, distributors, establishing the office, recruiting and training the senior management team and building a foundation for the local Japanese team to build on. Soon after Hayden was invited to hold a seat on an international committee responsible for developing global brand initiatives and rolling them out in the Asia Pacific region. Following a ten year career at Red Bull, Hayden lead the globalisation of a high growth coffee company and brought in consulting firm Bain & Co. where he worked collaboratively on the project. He has built new products and brands for other companies for clients with varying budgets and ambitions such as luxury water brand Krystal for Hollywood celebrity Jackie Chan.

Hayden is a founding partner of NevHouse and together with his partners he has built the company from the ground up into an unlisted public company with a large shareholder base. He holds a seat on the board of directors and contributes to the setting of the business strategy and governance of the company. As Chief Marketing Officer he executes the sales and marketing initiatives of the business. He created the NevHouse brand strategy to allow the business to occupy a unique and interesting space in the low cost sustainable housing market, where ~250 million homes are required to solve the issue global homelessness. He has played an instrumental role in the creation and development of the business and brand is resolved to make a positive impact on housing, education, health, employment and the environment – all over the world.