Robert Epstone, Founder of Solemen Charity and Ambassador for Nev House embraces the Governor of Bali.

Philanthrocapitalism can be summed up as “Doing Well by Doing Good” - that is, making profits whilst helping to make the world a better place. It is closely related to the concept of corporate social responsibility. Another way to understand philanthrocapitalism is to look at the two root words: philanthropy means acts of humanity that help other people or the environment, while capitalism denotes adding value and turning a profit. At NevHouse, capitalism & philanthropy work hand-in-hand with the company allocating a percentage of its profit for philanthropic use. NevHouse welcomes into the company high performing people that are entrepreneurial, non-conforming, and who believe that in life and work - there are no boundaries to what can be achieved. Every person that participates, partners and contributes to NevHouse personify the values of philanthrocapitalism. The company upholds principles of sound corporate governance and is head quartered in a highly regulated market which offers all trading partners comfort and security. NevHouse is an advocate of philanthrocapitalism and encourages everyone to do well by doing good. 


A CONSORTIUM OF EXPERTS AND ENTERPRISES.  NevHouse has assembled a consortium comprising enterprises and experts in sustainable development, indigenous design, international finance, government / public policy, clean water and sanitation, clean energy, construction / logistics and gender equality. Through our consortium we are able to take on much larger projects such as the re-building of schools that have been devastated by a natural disaster.  


A WORLD CLASS SUPPLY CHAIN. Think of all the moving parts that need to come together seamlessly to deliver just one structure: procuring raw materials, sourcing suppliers, appointing manufacturing partners, engaging overland / international and inter island shipping partners, as well as coordinating construction partners, government relations and community engagement. All of this is in place and we are delighted to announce that our supply chain enables us to reach any destination in the world. 


CAPACITY TO MEET DEMAND ANYWHERE. NevHouse spent one year selecting manufacturing partners that have the credentials,  skills and capacity to supply structures at levels that meet current interest. Manufacturing will be in China and Australia until demand reaches a level to make a local factory viable. The outsourced capacity is sufficient to meet current demand, and is immediately scalable if and when required.